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Australian Champion Tygil Dikyi (Harry) Welcome to Barrajy Kennels

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Member of the Global Village
Breed: Tibetan Spaniel
Group: Group 1 (Toys) 
Place of origin: Tibet
Original function: Watch dogs
Availability: Difficult
Average life span: 14-15 years
Age of maturity: 12-18 months (variable)
Height:  Ideally 10”
Weight: 9 - 15lb
Is the breed a natural guard dog? If provoked
Attitude to strangers: Suspicious
Coat type: Double, with silky top coat. Legs, tail and ears must be feathered
Colour(s): All colours and mixtures. Gold and silver sable most popular
Does coat mat? No
Does coat need professional grooming? No
Special trimming for show ring? Not at all
Maintenance of coat: Wash and wear
Exercise: Should at least have free running
Food: Equivalent of 3/4 can per day, plus biscuit (puppy meal)
East of training: Easy.  Can be self willed.
Good family dog: Yes
With other people’s children: Must be respected
With dogs: Excellent with own breed
With cats: No great problems.  Really good with own cats
Live in peace with other pets?  With care
Town or country? Equally at home
Adapt to a flat? With regular exercise
Will they live in a kennel if necessary? No - dislike it profoundly
Does the breed suffer from cold, heat or wet? Can cope in all weather
Special considerations: Must have dog-proof garden. Always keep on lead when in traffic - most inquisitive
Character sketch: Happy, alert and active - loyal but independent