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The Tibetan Spaniel

All Tibetan Spaniels in the Western World can trace their ancestry back to just 5 original Tibbies.
Dolma, Potala, Lama and Garpon were brought to the UK from India shortly after the Second World War.
A fifth dog, Skyid, was the only surviving dog from the original Pre-war dogs brought to England .

Between 1968 and 1973, 7 more dogs were brought from the East. 5 went to the USA and 2 to the UK.

Here in Australia, the first Tibbies were introduced by Myra Livett of the Leagay Kennels, in 1974.  Aust Ch. Skelbeck
Cherry Bud and Braeduke Numa have the honour of offically being Australia's first Tibetan Spaniels.

Delma Clatworthy of Koorabar Kennels also brought in a breeding pair later that same year. Both pairs of dogs produced litters in 1975, the first from Leagay Kennels by only 7 weeks. Shortly thereafter, several more breeding programs were started. The original Leagay and Koorabar Kennels were very soon joined in the mid to late 70's by Tygil Kennels (Lorna Mahony), Karakorum Kennels (John Jones)ToreanaKennels (Ken Talbot) and our own Barrajy Kennels.