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My name is Judy Gard, and despite

the photogragh,
I can promise you, I really do smile.
Why Shouldn't I?

I'm surrounded by Tibbies!
I have bred and shown dogs since the early 1950's when, as a teenager, I bought and started to show

In the 60's I fell in love with Chihuahuas and the love affair  has lasted just on 30 years.  However In 1978, my son, Tim, became a toddler and wanted to play with the dogs. I decided that something a little sturdier was needed. The Tibetan Spaniel had just been introduced to Australia a few years earlier and the more I learnt about this incredible breed, the more I loved them.
They were the perfect dog for me. Robust enough for family life, full of personality, and a real challenge to successfully breed.

It didn't take too long for me to import a male
from the UK and then one from New Zealand.
By then I was smitten - Tibs were for me and they
even managed to replace my beloved Chihuahuas.

Today, Tibs are my life and everything revolves
around them. We keep a small number of selected dogs as Tibbies are not Kennel dogs and thrive on human companionship and individuality.  Our puppies are house reared and many of ours are house dogs.

We show in most states of Australia and have been
awarded with Best of Breed at the Royal Shows in four Australian States.  There are Barrajy Tibs in all States and Territories of Australia, many of them in show homes, and these owners regularly exhibit them with outstanding success.  Of course, not all of our Tibs turn into Show Dogs. A lot of them live a life of luxury as a much loved pet.

We recently sent two black Tibbies to the USA - one of them is already an American Champion while the other has just commenced his show career.  We have most colours, including  gold, reds, blacks, silver, sables, and have just re-introduced some of our old
Parti- Colour lines, so we will have lovely Parti's on
the ground soon and hopefully into all the Show Rings.

(Will one of them be yours?)